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Waters Upton

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As more and more people are having to self-isolate, I am also aware that this can bring loneliness and feelings of isolation.  Although I can’t provide visits, we can talk on the telephone or keep in touch via email.  If you would like a chat please do not hesitate to get in touch and either myself or a church member will give you a call.  My telephone number is 01952 820217 email helen.morby@
 Revd. Helen Morby

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Church Records

The register dates from 1547, one of the earliest dates recorded in Shropshire Parish Churches.

Burials from 1679 - 1684 and from 1686 - 1692 are recorded in the register of Ercall Magna (High Ercall).

Rectors of the Parish

Peter Parson of Upton died 1256

John le Enfant died 1310

1310 John de Bruneshope

13?? Robert Ridel

1318 John de Hatton

13?? John de Hodynet

1350 William de Walsche

1382 John son of Thomas Gech

1387 William de Rodenhurst

1389 Nicholas de Peshale

        Thomas Harlyng

1423 John Corbet

1427 William Slepe

14?? Thomas Mynde

1477 Robert Wellys

1483 Thomas Lylleshall

1495 John Wylleson

1??? John Hyll

1529 Robert Haynson

1574 Roger Lowe

1632 William James M.A.

1697 Miles Field

1718 John Tourneor M.A.

1741 John Brooke M.A.

1764 Thomas Hatton B.A.

1807 Robert W.B. Hill B.A.

1815 Richard Hill M.A.

1822 Richard Corfield M.A.


                               1824 W. Willett

                               1832 T. Corfield B.A.

                               1837 W. Corfield

                               1848 R.F. Wood

                               1849 S.P. Roberson

                               1859 J.T. Halke

1866 J.B. Davies M.A.

1906 S. Hobson M.A.

1920 W.A. Meakin

1927 G.A. Meakin

1929 A.E. Lane-Sampson

1934 G. Territt

1957 F.W. Cornish

1961 P. Eldred-Evans

1989 D. Lumb

1991 R. Daborn

1999 (Interregnum)

2002 W.E.V. Ward


                              2002 M. Nash-Williams

                              2006 J. McWherter

2017 (Interregnum)